About Us

  • Pronunciation - x-ul-lux
  • Meaning - Excel Yourself In Luxury

Established in September 2020 and rebranded to XU⅃LUX in March 2022, we had the main aim of putting body confidence first, along with producing the best quality products, at the most competitive prices.

With the ever growing pressures on social media portraying the "perfect body" (what even is that), we wanted to produce gym wear and activewear that makes everyone feel amazing with that added touch of luxury. 

Our core values

Self love. When you feel confident in yourself, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve. 

Emotion shows you care. Growth comes from working with emotion, not against it, it's a powerful tool when you can control it.

Belief. If you believe you can, you will.

Right here, right now. Where you are right now, is where you have always meant to be, you control everything.

Be you. Nothing but.